Created in collaboration with Camasa Studios.

Redshift is a free-to-play competitive space shooter, similar to Subspace: Continuum and Silent Death Online. Designed to bring back the glory days of gaming with your friends, it provides a high-action, fast-paced experience, combining persistence, RPG elements, and skill-based gameplay into the perfect multiplayer blend.

You play as a fighter pilot, vying for dominance in a war where a single mistake will cost you your life.

Complete objectives, destroy enemy pilots and work with your team to earn experience and money. Purchase new hulls, weapons and components, and piece them together to create your own personalized fighter.

With millions of potential loadouts, covering everything from bio-engineered hulls to quantum relocators and singularity bombs, no two ships will be the same! Pick a ship, fit it to your own unique play style, and dominate your enemies however you want to.

Redshift is designed to be easy to pick up and play, but very difficult to master. There's plenty of room for every type of player - those that want to sit back, relax, and enjoy a leisurely flight through space, and those that want their enemies to run in fear whenever they show up.



We had lots of fun working on Fizz + Hummer! 

A cartoon duo blasting their way through a vibrant fast paced action shoot'em up.

Created with a collaboration of ID2Games and Buko-Studios.
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